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Вышел новый номер журнала DCG

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Ophthalmotilapia boops in DCG-Informationen

In the latest issue (May 2016) of DCG-Informationen (the journal of the German Cichlid Association), Wolfgang Staeck tackles the lesser known species Ophthalmotilapia boops. In a comprehensive article the author describes how he discovered the beautiful "Neon Stripe" variant in the Kipili Archipelago back in 1977. The article also includes a taxonomic history of the genus Ophthalmotilapia, and instructions on how to care for it in aquaria.

Based on our expeditions along the southern Tanzanian shores in 2008, where many new geographical colour variants of Ophthalmotilapia boops were discovered, the author presents the latest findings on the species, which includes, among other things, its exact distribution range. The article is accompanied by pictures of 40 different geographical variants, photographed in their natural habitat. This publication is the first to cover all geographical colour variants of Ophthalmotilapia boops.


A detailed map of the southern Tanzanian shores of Lake Tanganyika is available in Tanganika Magazynno. 17 https://goo.gl/kMQz4B

Staeck, W. (2016) Ophthalmotilapia boops (Boulenger, 1901). DCG-Informationen, 47 (5): 106–116. Deutsche Cichliden-Gesellschaft e. V.


Seidel, Ingo:
Ein Enfant terrible mit leuchtenden Augen – meine Erfahrungen mitHypsophrys nematopus (GÜNTHER, 1866)

Werner, Uwe:
Ein larvophiler Maulbrüter, der versteckt laicht: Benitochromis batesii„Iloloma“

Staeck, Wolfgang:
Ophthalmotilapia boops (BOULENGER, 1901)

Bednarczuk, Radek:
Der orangerote Guianacara von Petit Laussat



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Новый номер Немецкого общества цихлидофилов DCG-Informationen46692407_1439627169515119_8339230844057026560_n.jpg


Sosna, Ernst:
Schrecken verbreitet nur der Name –Ivanacara adoketa (KULLANDER & PRADA-PEDREROS, 1993)

Karlsson, Magnus und Karlsson,Mikael:
Julidochromis sp. „Transcriptus Tanzania“ – Eine kryptische Art von der südlichen tansanischen Küste des Tanganjikasees

Rosentritt, Harald:
Für Sie besucht: Die DCG-Region Oberfranken auf Einkaufstour

Friedrich, Axel:
Mitglieder stellen vor: Tropheus sp. „Bemba Red Mutant“

Staeck, Wolfgang:
Reusenmäuler: Raritäten im Aquarium

Julidochromis sp. „Transcriptus Tanzania“ bei Molwe. (Foto: Magnus Karlsson & Mikael Karlsson)

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